James Joseph

Master Hair Designer

and then some...

He also studies the metaphysical arts, acts as a healer, as well as provides council.

Stayed tuned for his musings and more.

Grateful Awareness

December 13, 2018

About a month ago I walked into my monthly Acupuncture appointment. It was one of those self care days and an experience I always look forward to. It is never really the same. 

The circumstances of events and how I come to be on the table awaiting the small needles and their placement on my body somehow always cause a shift to my own existence and awareness. This time something really special happened and I had to share with you all in essence of what was achieved at a higher consciousness level. I call it Grateful Awareness. We are all familiar with being mindful or mindful awareness but this was something different.

Be The Flow

September 13, 2018

After reading my blog back in December of 2017 I can honestly say that everything I wrote really came to fruition!

It has been such a fulfilling year, in fact empowering!  Throughout the years events, both personally and globally, I am at a complete awareness that we are now living in the paradigm shift we have all been wanting to see and not just feel!

I want to say that despite the news of this intense hurricane about to hit the east coast and our beloved Outerbanks of North Carolina, our trip to Brigands Bay this August brought about one of the biggest epiphanies I’ve had all year.


December 07, 2017 

That time of year when you truly feel reflective , in my opinion, is always near the end of the year!

Tis’ The Season They Say!  I think about all the moments I’ve had that really made 2017 POP and what I have intended to manifest for the coming 2018 year just around the corner.  Always working on my tendency to think too far in the future its moments like this one right now that slow me down into the present.  That is definitely the gift I have received from my higher self this year and its lovely.
The New Year is coming (one of my favorite moments).  I love when the numbers shift and that new vibe is universally felt.  The master number 11 will bring all those manifestations into action and I couldn’t be more excited than I am today!  Why do you ask?

An art of healing

March 16, 2017

My studies on metaphysics and the philosophies that encompass the world of the 4th, 5th, and beyond the 3rd dimension continue to fuel the passion I have to connect all of us to our true divine nature.

Remember who you are:
You are beautiful, kind, compassionate, strong, an undeniable force of nature! 

We are all connected in this world. Think of the universe, source, GOD, and all things that make up this whole that some of us separate from.  This separation causes confusion, fear, distrust.  Move to the whole and complete what we all know exists out there, beyond our physical and material world.

Color Therapy

February 02, 2017

I thought it was time to share some insight on the provoking colors we wear, see, feel, and portray with our more than usual daily intentions. 

I can remember the shifts in colors that I viewed to represent me in some sort of fashion for certain periods of my life.  When I was just a young boy my favorite color was green. Green can represent so much to us, but for me it was always a color I was drawn to for comfort.  Whether it was to ease my childhood growing pains or a blanket from the divine in the form of forest, emerald, or jade green; I truly believe it empowered my soul.  The color green gave me the fuel needed to sustain an understanding of reality in which only I could conceive at that time.  It wasn't until I was in my teens that I began to feel a shift in my own growth and began to fall in love with the color red!

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